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GSM GPRS Modem Wavecom Q2403A Module USB AT Commands

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GSM GPRS Modem Wavecom Q2403A Module USB AT Commands
Notes (Before you buy, please read the notes very carefully, otherwise we will not be responsible for your carelessness!):
1: This item is controlled on USB interface via AT commands (GSM 07.07, 07.05).
2: This item doesn't include a software or driver. You can use your program or software to control it via AT commands.
3: If you don't know how to use this item, please inquire before you buy it.
4: We will not provide any technical supports.
Before taking this item, please click GSM/GPRS Coverage In The World to check whether your region is covered by anyone of GSM/GPRS 900MHZ/1800MHZ.
GPRS Modem Product List
The whole product includes following list of articles:
1. One Package, size: 40×70×200mm
2. One USB cable
3. One DB Antenna, 80mm
4. Modem Body: white aluminous shell
5. One Sliding SIM Card Slot
Technical Parameters Specification for GPRS Modem
1. Type
GPRS MODEM with industrial-grade Wavecom Q2403A module.
2. Technological Specifications
●Support dual frequency: GSM/GPRS 900/1800MHz
●Conform to ETSI GSM 2+ standard
●Output Power:
Class 4 (2W @ 900MHz)
Class 1 (1W @ 1800/1900MHz)
●Input Voltage: 5-12V DC
●Input Current: 1A-2A
5mA readiness for action, 140mA in GSM 900MHz @ 12V telephone conversation condition
5mA readiness for action, 100mA in GSM 1800/1900MHz @ 12V telephone conversation condition
●Temperature Range:
-20℃ ~ +55 active status
-25℃ ~ +70 preserved condition
●Product Size: 85×54×25mm
3. Basic Features
●GSM 900MHz Band
Sending Frequency: 880-915MHz
Receiving Frequency: 925-960MHz
Output Power: 2W (+33dBm)
●DCS 1800MHz Band
Sending Frequency: 1710-1785MHz
Receiving Frequency: 1805-1880MHz
Output Power: 1W (+30dBm)
Voice, Data/Facsimile, GPRS, SMS Function
●Voice Function
Urgent telephone
Speech coding and decoding: full rate, enhanced full rate and half rate
Double tone, multiple frequencies (DTMF)
●Data/Facsimile Function
Asychronous data circuit, transparent or non-transparent, the highest baud rate: 14,400bits/s
Class 3 automatic facsimile (Class1 and Class2)
●GPRS Data Characteristic
GPRS Class4 (Class10)
Code: CS1 to CS4
●SMS Function
Writing and PDU
Point-to-point (MT/MO)
Cell broadcast
●Control via AT Commands (GSM 07.07, 07.05)
Compatible with SMS Studio, SMS Caster


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